My name is Andy and I love golf, fitness, and health.  I am also a kinesiologist and currently pursuing my Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition.  I initially wanted start a blog specifically dedicated to health and wellness from an ancestral lifestyle (ie. Paleo/Primal) point of view; however, it dawned on me that on that path I would not be creating anything new, I would simply be following in many others footsteps before me…how boring.  Even more importantly, it also dawned on me that I would very much be neglecting another passion of mine…Golf.  So, why not combined the 2!

I must admit that adopting an ancestral lifestyle has helped my golf game as much as it has helped my overall health.  After starting this lifestyle I have gone from a 12 handicap to an 8 handicap over the course of a year and a half.  Oh ya, did I mention that I only played 25 rounds of golf during that year and a half!  This improvement was not solely due to diet, but also due to smartly applying ancestral fitness concepts to my golf game and swing.

As the Barefoot Golfer, I intend to discuss all things related to health and fitness as I see fit.  Basically, this blog will provide me with an outlet to share my thoughts, knowledge, any research I am so inclined to do, workout plans, and food info with like minded, and interested people.  Oh yes, and least I forget, how it all ties into golf.

In the end, not only will this be a great learning opportunity for me, I hope this project will also help others learn, get motivated, get healthy, improve their golf game, and add to the already fantastic on-line paleo health and fitness community that is spreading the word about a wonderful healthy way of living.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention a key point from my blog’s title.  The fact is, I love me my barefoot shoes, for everyday life and training.  I cannot stand the foot coffins that pass as golf shoes, they hurt the hell out of my feet and I am determined to find the best alternative I can (more on this later)



As per the basic nature of a blog, the information contained in this site are my opinions and thoughts on a wide variety of topics, in no way am I trying to deter anyone from living or doing things in ways they see fit.  I am also not intending to insult anyone’s way of living.  As adults, we are all able to make decisions for ourselves and live they way we wish.  I am also not a doctor so any health related information I post is simply that, information for you to use how you wish.  Whether you chose to agree with what I have to say and follow a similar way of living or not, it is your choice.  Your health is yours alone, so take the responsibility and own it.  You are the master of you and your health is your responsibility, nobody else’s.  Let me finish this disclaimer by saying that no matter what I write about, I am certain that not everyone will agree with me, which is totally fine and expected; we are all different.  That being said, I will not take offence to constructive feedback, which may even lead to a great learning opportunity.  However, I do think that the following is fitting:

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody”

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