Welcome to My Workouts Page

On this page I will be posting example workouts 2-4 times per week. They will include 2 levels. One for beginners and one for intermediate/advanced fitness levels. With this approach, I hope to provide an ongoing resource for all levels of fitness instead of just a one time example for each level. I hope this will be useful for a large part of the golfing community.

As always, before trying any of the posted workouts, please make sure you discuss any concerns with your physician, and if you are not comfortable with the exercises listed, do no do them until you can have a qualified professional teach you the required movements.

What is a….
Beginner: Someone who is just beginning a fitness program and has basic knowledge of simple human movements. They have been participating in a training program (preferably supervised) anywhere from never, to 6 months to a year

Intermediate & Advanced: Someone who is very familiar with majority of the listed exercise and has been coached or is confident that they have perfect form with all listed movements. They are also aware of any mobility weaknesses they may have and is working to address these issues, and also adjust their workouts accordingly. They have been participating in a training program for greater than one year. Advanced level is consider training for greater than 2 years continuously. you will note than depending on the type of workouts posted, intermediate and advanced may be listed together or separately.