Get Up and Try – AKA, Don’t Give Up

Don't Give UpWhat a wonderfully short work week this is for those of us in Canada.  I have an even shorter work week since I have Friday off to start a trip down to British Columbia Wine country.  Man I love wine country!  Anyway, today’s post is about dusting yourself off after a fall (metaphoric fall), and not giving up on your dreams or your task.  Don’t give up!

I have talked about chasing your dreams before, and doubt very much that I will stop talking about this topic, my posts just may come in different points of view.  What motivated me to write about this today was the golf tournament I competed in on Monday.  I did not play the best round of my life, about 7 shots above my handicap, and although I had never played the course before, that is no excuse.  I could not drive the ball and hit a fairway to save my life, and the only reason I was able to squeak out the score I did was because of my chipping and putting (for the most part).  I did place 7th overall, but I should have placed top 4, particularly with my horrible triple bogey on 18th.  No triple bogey would have put me in top 4.  Oh well, that is how it goes sometimes.  Anyway, in the end, it was a tough and exhausting round of golf with the amount of scrambling I had to do.

Lesson Learned – Don’t Give Up!

You know that feeling you sometimes get when you second guess yourself, and say things like: “Can I really do that”, or “I am too old for that now”, or “I would never be able to…”, “they’re too good for me”.  Those things that knock your self confidence down to nothing, and stop you from pursuing something that might just make you happy when you achieve it, or even just happy trying to achieve it.  Those were the thoughts that were going through my head for the majority of my round, and the thoughts that eventually sabotaged my score and ruined my chance at top 4 on the 18th hole.  I didn’t fully give up after my third shot on 18, but something in my head snapped and resulted in a sub-full mental effort on shots 4-7.  Lesson learned here, don’t give up after a poor shot, make the most of each shot because you never know what the outcome will be.  Be Present for each shot!

So, after sleeping for a night on my metaphoric fall, I decided that getting myself down over it is just silly, it’s not going to get me anywhere and those negative thoughts will just make things worse, preventing me from believing in myself next time.  So I decided I am going to get up and continue to try.  I will get better and will not give up.  I will still practice and fix what needs to be fixed, but that does not mean I will focus on the negative.  No, I will focus on how good I know I am and that I am (not will get) better.  Get my mind right 🙂

This is a message that should be applied to life in general, not just golf.  “It is not too late”, “you are good enough”, “you can do it”, “you are able to”.  Reaffirm to yourself your worth and your abilities, put your mind to it.  Believe and you can achieve!

“Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame, where there is a flame someone’s bound to get burned.  But just because it burns doesn’t mean your gonna die, you gotta get up and try, try, try”

“If I can see it, then I can do it.  If I just believe it, there’s nothin to it”

Great message to the above songs, and that message can be applied not just to relationships and tough periods in your life, it can be applied any time you need a boost in your self confidence and belief in yourself! And let’s face it, when don’t we need that?


The Barefoot Golfer

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