Monday Inspiration – The Grammys


Happy Monday everyone! If you are like me, sometimes it is very difficult to feel any level of inspiration or motivation come Monday morning, particularly if you are not in a career that you love.  On days like this, what helps me most is focusing on an inspirational quote or story that inspires me to take action on something I have been thinking about (ie. A dream), or just simply allows me to start having some positive thoughts in my head.

What has inspired me today is remembering the Grammys last night.  Grammy night is always a fantastic fun night, but what really got me thinking last night was the fact that all those people up there had a dream to be up there one day, and they never let go of that dream.  I think LL Cool J expressed this feeling perfectly in his opening speech.

At this point in my life, the Grammys for me do not simply represent an awards show, they represent a dream.  Not just the dream to be a musician or to be famous, but any dream that anyone may have.  You know, that dream that just keeps nagging at you from deep down, that dream that you have probably just put aside because you thought it might not be possible, that dream that you had when you were a kid or in high school or university, that dream that just didn’t seem practical once you joined the “real” world.  Guess what, the people we see at the Grammys never thought that their dreams were unrealistic, they chased those dreams at all odds and look where they are.

So today I will follow their example, I will continue to believe in my dreams no matter how “unrealistic” they may seem, I will take action on my dreams, and maybe one day they will come true, or maybe they won’t, either way my journey through life will be much more enjoyable because of it.   And in the end, I will have no regrets and no “what if I just…” thoughts, because I was inspired and I tried!


The Barefoot Golfer

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