Monday Motivation – Be Awesome!

Monday MotivationToday is a good Monday.  My weekend was full of rest, relaxation, good training, good golf practice, and best of all, some great quality time with my wife.  I just simply got what I needed this weekend and I feel great.  I feel back on track today after a few tough weeks.  Now just because this Monday is a good one, doesn’t mean we don’t need a little Monday motivation…right?

Because today is a great day, and I feel fantastic, today’s Monday motivation will focus on using all that positive energy I already have and making it even greater.  I will be Awesome! 

“What are we going to do tonight Brain?…Same thing we do every night Pinky…Try and take over the world”

I feel like I could take over the world tonight (in a good way, not the menacing way that Brain was talking about), and I think maybe we should always feel that way.  In the end, our only limitations are those we place on ourselves.  I always hear things like “I am too old for that now”, or “I don’t have the qualifications for that”, or “everyone says it’s impossible”, or “no one ever makes it to the PGA tour”.  Well guess what, someone does get to the PGA tour, or creates/does amazing life and world changing things, and you know who those people are?  They are the ones who always believed they could do it, despite all the people telling them otherwise, despite the fact that the odds were against them, they just kept going, kept trying, and told themselves it will happen!

Our world is lead and created by people like this, our world is full of people making awesome achievements both physical and intellectual (Check out this video), but these aren’t people who sit around and waste their lives away doing things they hate.  No, these are people that chase their dreams, that take action and strive towards their dreams at all costs, because they truly believe they will achieve it.

To them, a simply thought is not simple at all, it is a feeling within their being from head to toe, and from heart to soul, a deep down profound understanding that they will achieve their goal.  I know these kind of people are not the norm, to them believing may come easy; but trust me, chasing that dream is never easy no matter who you are, the path to your dreams is not the easy way out for anyone.  It is a tough road, but at the end of that road the view is spectacular – At least that is what I picture in my head.

So how do those of us who find it hard to believe in their dreams start? How do we get to be that person who is chasing their dreams at all odds?  Well, I think it starts with a thought.  That’s right, a simple thought when you say to yourself #IWILL.  I will be write a book, I will be super fit, I will change my career, I will go back to School, I will be on the PGA tour (That’s mine so don’t take it :-)), I will apply for that job I saw, I will start my own business.

In the end, even if you do not achieve your goal, guess what? You tried; you tried as hard as you damn well could, and if you can truly say that you chased your dreams with all your heart and fell a bit short, you will have #noregrets.  This is simply the worst that can happen by chasing your dreams, you will never say “what if” to yourself.

If we continue everyday to focus on our “I will” thought, that thought will very soon turn into action.  Those actions may be small to start, but they will grow and grow as long as you continue to believe!  Start now, it is never too late.  On that note, think about this;

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become”


The Barefoot Golfer


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