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PositiveHappy Monday Everyone,

Well, back to another work week, and as always, another Monday motivation post.  Today’s post will focus on making sure we never forget to focus on the positives in our life.  The boys out on the PGA tour this weekend at the Arnold Palmer Invitational sure needed some Monday motivation today given the final round delay to today.  Well, I take that back, Tiger Woods sure didn’t need any motivation as he cruised to a fairly easy victory to put himself back in the number 1 world golf ranking spot.  Go Tiger! it makes it so much more interesting when he is in the hunt.

I digress.  Well, as humans, as it is likely in our nature, we have the tendency to focus on the negatives in our life.  I think that this is particularly the case when we are on the golf course.  In the end though, it doesn’t matter when or where we are, the tendency to focus on the negatives can have a big impact on our health, as well as the direction in our life.  As I mentioned in my previous Monday Motivation Post the more we celebrate our life, the more we have to celebrate.  I think this is one of the most resonating philosophies for me.  It falls in line with another quote: “Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out”

As an example, I shot a 76 this weekend (my best score ever to date), and I haven’t broke 80 for over a year.  Great progress right!  But you know what? My round prior to this weekend, was probably one of the worst rounds I have played in a long time.  Was I a bit upset, sure, but I sucked it up and got over it really quickly.  Then I said to myself, well Andy, this is a great opportunity to show you the areas you really have to work on, and turn those into your strong points.  so for the next 2 weeks, all I did was practice driving, pitching, and putting.  Through those 2 weeks I continued to tell myself that I am getting better and better in these areas.  Fast forward to last weekend, and I put on a clinic in all three of those areas (more so in pitching and putting).  So, the moral here is that I could have beat myself up over a crappy round of golf, and continue to tell myself that I sucked.  However, there is no doubt in my mind that thinking that way would have lead me down a route of negative self thought during practice and likely to another bad round of golf.

So in the end, the above is simply one example, and no matter what your situation, you must focus on the positive to be happy and further your life down the path of your heart or dreams.  Maybe you have a job you dislike, guess what, you have a job that provides you money to live and possibly chase that dream!  Maybe you are in a fight with a friend or a family member, guess what, at least you have a friend or family member.

Now I’m not saying you should never have bad or negative feelings, they are 100% unavoidable, but if we can reduce the amount and duration of those feelings as much as possible, and try our best to turn those thoughts into a least something partially positive, we will be better off in the end, and life will be more enjoyable no matter your situation.  Not only that, you will have plenty of motivation to do the things you love!

One final point.  Do not fear or dwell upon mistakes, learn from them and move on.  Mistakes are a necessary part of the journey to greatness, and I am not the only one that feels this way.

“Mistakes are the portals to discovery”

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”

“We learn from failures, not from success”



The Barefoot Golfer

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