My Journey Part 2 – From Eating Real Food to Spirituality


Welcome back, and I am happy that some of you out there are interested in my journey.  This post is a continuation of my last post, about how far I have come on my journey from fast food  to eating real food and a path to optimal health.

If you recall from my last post; even with the huge diet and lifestyle change that I made, my seasonal allergies have remained a problem for me.  This issue is very concerning to me as this condition is 100% an autoimmune disorder (find out more info here), and while it is not as serious as say MS or Crohn’s, my immune system is still messed up and who knows what that could lead to in the future…Maybe a more serious immune dysfunction, or not, but either way, it is seriously time to deal with it permanently.

Naturopath Prescription

Upon meeting with my naturopath, she immediately recommended a couple of things.  1.) Cut down on coffee, and 2.) Cut down on alcohol.  Neither of these suggestions was a surprise to me in the least, and should likely not be to you either if you have read some of my previous posts.  On the positive side of things, she did say that I had pretty much the best diet she has seen in any of her patients.  I also expected that 🙂  At the end of this first session, I agreed to proceed with some more detailed testing via biofeedback.  Essentially, it measure frequencies your body produces and compares them to a so called database of frequencies associated with certain things (ie. vitamin deficiencies, stress levels, etc).  Forgive me, as I am not super familiar with this type of testing, and it is much more complicated than I can even begin to think about right now.

Upon receiving the results of the testing, there were a lot of positive things that resulted from my change in lifestyle (ie. body fat at 10%, hydration at 100%, body utilization of oxygen, etc).  However, there was also some things that needed to be addressed.  Obviously these relate to my allergy symptoms.  My Naturopath also explained to me about how many things can impact one’s health and manifest themselves in different ways depending on the individual.  Thinking along these lines is not new to me and I am very familiar with how stress and psychological well being plays a leading role in health.  Therefore, the treatment prescription given to me involves both a physiological (herb tea and drops) side and a spiritual side.  I will not bore you with the specifics of the herb remedies given to me because they are personalized and you should visit a naturopath of your own to get your own personalized herbal remedy if you feel you need assistance addressing something.  However, I would like to speak a bit about the spiritual side of treatment as this is something I had been thinking about prior to my appointment, and feel it could be one of the things leading to my allergy symptoms.

Prescription for Spirituality

During our appointment, we talked a bit about chakras and she gave me a personalized affirmation quote, which by the way was quite accurate and shocking as it came out of the biofeedback testing.  I told her that while I had read a decent amount about stress and stress reduction techniques like meditation, it is still a bit new to me, and I was not at all familiar with chakras at all.  She then suggested I read the following book:



I have yet to read this book, but I am very excited about it, and suspect that it will give me some ideas about understanding myself and how to possibly be happy and content through a wide range of life situations.  I am more than certain that this will involve some meditation and I look forward to it.

Spirituality Then and Now

Over the past few years now, I have been thinking more and more about spirituality, and not in the sense of going to church and believing in a higher being in the traditional sense, but more along the lines of the power of positive thinking, the secret, and most recently, the power of meditation and becoming more in touch with our own individual divine nature and it’s effects on stress and health.

Although I am more inclined and open to a spiritual side now, it has not always been that way for me.  When I was younger I didn’t believe in any type of higher power or anything like that, I was more of a rational/scientific thought kind of guy, and while I still am rationale/scientific, I fully believe that it all ties perfectly together as long as both sides are respected.  As with many things related to health, it seems as though my wife also got me thinking more about spirituality and the power of the mind a few years back when we watched The Secret together, this helped me to put a framework around some of the things that I was already doing in my life (ie. positive thinking, letting go, not focusing on all the details and knowing things would work out, and just making the best of how things worked out).  Since I was already doing much of what I learnt and not thinking it was spiritual in any way, it occurred to me that there is much more to spirituality than believing in some kind of higher power and worshipping that power.  Such thoughts lead me down the trail to the belief that this higher power actually lies within us, as us.  Ultimately, this means that we have a great power within us that we must believe in in order to access it.  Our minds are wonderful amazing things and we must take care of and respect our bodies and minds in order for us to meet our potential.

Unfortunately, over the past year or so, I think I have been having some trouble on a spiritual level.  I think it ties largely into not having exactly what I want, and for that matter, not even knowing what it is that I want exactly.  Strange predicament right?  Basically my thought pattern goes like this: I want to live somewhere warm all year round, I want to have a job I love, I want to make sufficient money in that job.  Sounds simple enough right? The problem is that I don’t know what the F#*k that job is or how to get to the place I want to live.

Now, do you see where my mistake lies in those thoughts? I am getting too wrapped up in trying to figure out the specifics.  I must get back to simply believing that I will live in a warm place year round with a job I love that provides sufficient income to live the lifestyle my wife and I would like.  If I just believe this will happen, I know things will work out and I will get there, and even if I don’t get there, that belief will make me happier as a person and allow me to live more in the now and really appreciated what I currently have instead of constantly trying to figure out how to get out of it.

The Future

So, my promise to me is to believe in my future and know it will be amazing, appreciate all that I currently have and enjoy the now.  I am very excited to read Anatomy of the Spirit and see what new insights it might provide me, and to start experiencing a bit of meditation and also see where that takes me.  I will also be sure to do the things I like to do without over thinking it all.  Part of this will be truly enjoying and attempting to do my absolute best in the Amateur golf tour I have joined this summer.  Who knows where this might take me, it could be the start to an amazing future that I know will happen.


The Barefoot Golfer



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