Pain when Swinging a Club, Sitting, Standing, Squatting, and Deadlifting? Fix Your Faulty Pelvis

PelvisSo obviously I missed my regular Monday Motivation post.  Sorry about that, but I was in a fair amount of low back and hip discomfort that had been going on for just over a week now, and I was determined to find a solution.  Which, I think I did, fingers crossed:-) and here is what I discovered.

So, over the past couple weeks, I have been experiencing some fairly uncomfortable pain in my low back and hips when I stand, sit, bend over for any amount of time (ie. putting), and when I swing a golf club repeatedly (ie. at the range).  It has actually caused me to limit my workouts and weight training since then, which is not normal at all for me.  Well, I was fed up with it and really started to do some more research.

I had been futilely doing manual active release therapy and trigger point stuff with my roller and lacrosse ball all over my hip, glutes, flexors, hams, spinal erectors, IT band.  Don’t get me wrong, this stuff felt great and is a very important part of maintaining a fluid functioning pelvis, but the relief was short lived.  So, given the area of pain, I started my search with problems related to the SI joint, and came across some information on pelvic faults.  Basically, a pelvic fault is a misalignment of your pelvis.  It could be a twist or a unilateral vertical translation, or both.  Regardless, in either case, your pelvis is out of place and it is not comfortable.  I had a suspicion that my issues might be related to something like this since my wife has issue with an out of place pelvis due to being hit by a car as a pedestrian….twice.  Ya that’s right, twice, once as a little kid and once a couple years back.  Also, I was starting to notice when looking in the mirror that one of my iliac crests (hips) was higher than the other one.

Well, I appeared to have discovered what I thought was my issue, and instead of waiting for an Osteopath appointment, I decided to try and do something about it myself.  I recalled a while back finding a Mobility WOD episode on this very topic that I had sent to my wife.  By the way, if you have not checked out Mobility WOD, you need to, and do it fast! Otherwise you will be doomed to a life of stiffness and pain.  Here is the episode I was talking about, have a view:

Great advice here and apparently this type of thing is pretty common and caused by many things ,including little tweaks sometimes from heavy lifting.  So…I decided to immediately try the suggestions, and CLICK; literally my pelvis seemed to shift back into place with an audible click – hopefully.  There was also an immediate reduction in pain that has lasted through to today so far.  Hopefully it lasts, and I am going to go for a workout tonight and try out the new hip placement and see how it holds up under some almost maximum weights.

I have still booked myself an assessment with an Osteopath, just to make sure all is functioning well.  I don’t want any back issues blocking my climb to be a professional golfer :-). Also, In paying some close attention to my lumbar area recently, I have noticed that either my L4 or L5 vertebrae is posteriorly translated (subluxed in chiro terms) and this must be looked at, although it’s not causing any pain, it could be limiting mobility.

So, the moral of the story is:

1.) Get your form right and focus on this when performing your lifts!!!!
2.) Recover properly from exercise and stay mobile
2.) If you feel weird pain…stop…go figure out what has happened (go to a professional if you
need to)
3.) Don’t wait around for it to get better if there is no improvement after the acute period of
4.) Also, apparently you can fix a faulty pelvis all by yourself.


The Barefoot Golfer

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