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PGA TourYou could say that this post is a continuation of my previous post on golf fitness on the PGA Tour.  Today, my focus will be on outlining some of the diets on the PGA tour that fit closely with what I believe to be a healthy diet.  If you have read some of my posts you will know that I am a big proponent of ancestral health and diet including: Paleo, Weston A Price, Primal, etc.

Paleo has been in the news consistently over the past number of years, and it is starting to get popular in the professional sports world because of it’s health promoting properties.  It has even become very popular in the NBA and had a spotlight news series written about it (here, here, here); However, we are missing a huge part of the pro athlete population…golfers.  So let’s see what we can find out about what some of the pros playing on the big tours are eating

PGA Tour Paleo

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a great deal of information about paleo being popular on the PGA Tour; however, it appears that most pros who are serious about their game and their health are at least turning to a whole foods approach to nutrition these days.  This is obviously the biggest first step anyone can make.  But let’s get to some specifics.

Brendan Steele is the only PGA Tour player I could find who has admitted to being fully Paleo.  He wanted to get stronger and found himself introduced to a trainer that got him onto a paleo diet.

Michelle Wie has adopted what she calls a gluten free diet modled after the tennis star Novak Djokovic, who apparently follows a paleo style diet

Interestingly, Dr. Ara Suppiah is a member of the Tour Council, a group that works with a large number of elite level golfers around the world, and he is/has presented at Paleo f(x).  Does that mean he is follows a paleo or ancestral approach…maybe.  At the very least it is probably a whole foods approach with the ideal being an ancestral type diet.  Here are some of the players Dr. Suppiah has worked with: Justin Rose, Ian Poulter, Steve Stricker, Hunter Mahan and Hall of Fame member Vijay Singh.

Beef jerky, one of my favourite snacks for a round of golf, is becoming quite the popular item on tour, and we are not talking chemical containing crap jerky, this is real high quality natural ingredient stuff.  This doesn’t mean everyone buying this on tour is paleo or ancestral, but it does mean that the fact that high quality meat is very healthy for us is spreading.

There were some other notables I came across in my search.  Phil Mickelson does not seem to eat a full on paleo diet, but it does look like he may not eat much bread.  Given his diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis, a paleo diet could possibly benefit him.  Another LPGA tour player is gluten free, and getting some media exposure for it.

The above were the best examples I could find of my choice of diet and it’s popularity in the PGA Tour and professional golf world.  It looks like it has become more popular in other sports but the idea is clearly out there and I anticipate that in the next few years there will be more pro golfers openly talking about the benefits of a paleo/ancestral diet.  Maybe Tiger will even use this type of diet during his recovery from recent back surgery and come back better than ever, that would be crazy!


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