Positive Energy and Ethusiasm

PositiveI want to start off by giving a big warm “welcome back” to myself today…LOL.  Why?  Well, because first of all it’s been a whole 19 days since I last posted an article here at The Barefoot Golfer.  This is a long time for me to go between posts and not something I plan on making a habit of.

The reason for my 19 day absence actually ties into the second reason I am welcoming myself back.  Recently there has been a great deal of change going on in my office.  Most of which I would consider very positive change, such as people being promoted and moving into new opportunities within our company.  I personally find this extremely fantastic as I, and the rest of the leadership team, pride ourselves on providing as much development opportunities for our team as possible.  Our people are our biggest asset, guaranteed!  During all the above positive change, our office manager decided to take an opportunity outside of the company, and while some may find this to be a negative change, I think this is just another challenge for our office to continue to improve.  Like the saying goes (although I have no clue who said it) “our character is determined by how we approach and deal with challenges”.  My take on this is that we can approach a challenge in 2 ways: 1.) As a negative situation, or 2.) A positive situation that will challenge us to be better, stronger, more capable, and discover something new about ourselves.

All this change has led to a huge increase in workload over the past couple of weeks for me, and I must say that it has actually really energized me at work.  My positive energy relating to my job has gone through the roof and I hope my team can feel that.  You have just read my second reason for welcoming myself back! I am not sure whether this feeling is due to the fact that work is actually keeping me busy during the day now, or whether I am just really focused on maintaining the positive, supportive, enjoyable culture of our office now that our manager has left.  Either way, this situation brings me to the main point of today’s post.  Positive energy!

Positive Energy

OK, OK, I must also admit that I’m currently reading “The Energy Bus” which is a fictional story told as a way to outlining 10 rules related to positive energy and life in general.  It is a very simple read, and for me it is really just a great reminder of the things I already inherently know and try to practice as much as I can.  Much of what follows in this post is adapted from this book.

I know I have written about positive thinking and focusing on the positive before, but…It’s been a while and we all need a nice reminder every now and then, I know I do.

I think we all know that being around someone who always has a positive outlook on life is inspiring, don’t we all want to follow someone who has the confidence in life to be positive even in the face of daunting challenges? I know I do.  In fact, I really want to be the person who can share this positivity with others.  I know that sometimes this topic gets a bit corny, but who cares, that’s the whole point of a blog sometimes right?

Ultimately, the fact is that anyone can be that contagious person sharing their positive energy with those around them.  Sure, not everyone will accept it and that’s cool, it’s not their time, but most will, and most will appreciate it.  You know what else, most will also come back to get more.  At work this will create strong, tightly knit, dynamic teams, and in our personal lives this will create strong friendships and relationship.  Well, at least this is my goal and I know many out there share this feeling.

Now let me stress that being positive is not about being annoying and unrealistic.  We do not have to be one of those crazy over the top optimists like Alec Baldwin was in that Friends episode.  It is simply about trying to see and believe the positive in every situation.  It’s not difficult and you can really be a spectacularly normal person while doing it.

Another thing about positivity and positive energy is that it sure does make us healthier.  We all know that chronic stress is absolutely horrible for our health, and guess what, positive thinking just has the opposite effect.  So really, there is no excuse not to try it out.

Positive Energy and Enthusiasm

So having positive energy for yourself is one thing, it really should actually be an easy thing, but in this day and age, sometimes it’s not that easy.  Regardless, my goal is to try and share this energy with my team and the people in my life.  This is a whole other story from just being positive for myself.  How can I share this energy with others? The Energy Bus provides a solution to this.  It suggests that enthusiasm is the best way to share your energy with others.  Are you excited about your work, starting a new day, an outing with a friend, dinner at home with your spouse, a new initiative at work, working with your team on a daily basis? If you can actually be truly excited for these little things, and confident enough to show this to others, I think the goal of sharing positive energy can be achieved.

I have applied for the vacancy left by my previous manager and any success in me getting this role will have a great deal to do with what I have discussed in this post.  I will go one step further and say that I also need to take this attitude to the golf course to create my own success there to.  I have another year on the amateur tour here coming up and any success I achieve here will be, in no small part, due to positive energy, excitement and enthusiasm.

Get excited people!


The Barefoot Golfer


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  1. Ree

    Welcome back! It’s so easy to get lost in the negatives of life, and your post is a great reminder of the benefits of staying positive 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
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