Soil Based Organisms – Probiotic Product Review

soil based organismsAs this is the topic of one of my most popular blog posts, you may have previously read my thoughts on Soil Based Organisms.  Since then I have had the opportunity to try a couple different brands and will provide a brief review of one such product in this article.  Before I begin, please read the following disclaimer:

Life Science Products, Inc. provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product. Also, since there are some restrictions on discussing the health benefits of a supplement on a page where it is being sold, you can read more about SBO products at the above link, or elsewhere.

Furthermore, the below review is simply a description of the product I tried, a description of the product obtained from the Life Science Product, Inc. website, and my experience while taking this product.  As such, any listed benefits of taking said product are not intended to imply any benefits of this product for anyone other than myself as an individual.

Body Biotics – A Soil Based Organisms Product

Body Biotics is a traditional and soil based organisms blend of probiotics.  You can find more specifics regarding this product on the Life Science Products, Inc. website.  On their website, they describe the probiotic formula as a blend of traditional and soil based organisms, combined with prebiotic sources, with the intent that the bacteria and their food (prebiotics) will act as they would have in nature.

Anecdote: Think about roaming the forest or flatlands, and coming across a yummy looking piece of fruit laying on the ground, or maybe some wild growing greens, or maybe you just ate yourself a delicious meal of gazelle and starchy tubers; oh yes, and you ate all this food without thinking about washing your hands, or food, to get rid of all that “disease causing bacteria” that might be there.  No, you were just happy with the fact that you had a great meal sitting in front of you that would keep you full for the next while.  And if you did rinse your hands in some water, it didn’t get rid of all the bacteria anyway because you didn’t have antibacterial soap available to you.

In the above story, no doubt the antagonist would have consumed some soil borne bacteria; however,  the consumption of the soil borne bacteria would have been combined with some level of prebiotic components in the food that was ingested simultaneously.  Thus, the argument for combining probiotics and prebiotics in the same supplement.

The information provided about this product as outlined above, fits with my understanding of probiotics based on soil based organisms, and I was excited to try this product.

Body Biotics – My Personal Experience

If you read my blog you will know that I have continued to struggle with seasonal allergies even after becoming primal/paleo/ancestral.  This includes eating a good deal of fermented food, and taking probiotic supplements.  My symptoms have decreased, but have not disappeared.  My main reason for researching SBOs in the first place was to hopefully find a product that might help me cure my allergies.  Unfortunately, I began taking product based on soil based organisms after allergy season this year, so I cannot comment on how they affected my allergies, stay tuned for a spring post for an allergy symptom update.  Therefore, my review will focus on other areas.

I started taking the chewable version of the probiotic first.  I found it very palatable and easy to chew.  After the chewables were gone, I switched to the pill form.  At the end of the day, I did find them helpful in small ways.  There was no super change in how I felt other than a bit better digestion.  However, during the period of time I was taking this product, I went on a 2 week road trip, 1 week of which I was unfortunately on a dose of antibiotics.  For me, this is where I found the most benefit from the product.  Normally, during any vacation, I tend to have changes in my digestion occur simply due to alterations in my diet (as small as they may be), and this time, considering I had to take antibiotics during a portion of my trip, I was anticipating significant digestive difficulties.  Surprise, surprise, I had almost no changes in digestion during my trip.  Another great fact about this product is that it is stable at room temperature and safe to take on your travels without refrigeration!

Pros: Easy to take in chewable or pill form, stable at room temperature, personally reduced impact of a temporary diet change and antibiotic use.

Cons: I was not able to take the product leading up to or during my seasonal allergy time.  But that is really my fault, not the products fault. LOL

Body Biotics – Final Impression

Personally, I enjoyed the product and would most definitely continue to give it a try.  While the everyday benefits I experienced from the product were minimal, I am intrigued to see what impact it would have during allergy season.  In the spring, if I notice a difference, I will be sure to post about it.


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  1. Sally Robertson

    It was so interesting to see this review. I love the fact that you do not sell the product and are under no obligation to say anything at all. I found your experience of taking it while on antibiotics very interesting. Body Biotics helps me to avoid yeast if I have to take an antibiotics.


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