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The Carbohydrate Debate – What’s Best for You?


High carbohydrate diets are evil…but your brain needs them…but they make you fat and sick…but the Food Guide says to eat plenty of them! I’m sure you’ve heard this argument before.  Funny enough, one of the only things the conventional…
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Preventing Neurodegeneration with Diet Part 1 – Gluten and Sugar


Today’s post is basically a continuation of my series on neurodegeneration.  It has been a long series so far, and my plan was to have this be my second last post in the series.  However, the more information I gathered, the…
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Type 2 Diabetes Related Dementia: Neurodegeneration the Path to Prevention Part 3


Welcome to part 3 of Neurodegeneration: The Path to Prevention.  So far, in part 1, I have provided an overview of neurodegeneration and,  in part 2, I provided an in depth look at Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration.  Today, in part 3, I will be focusing on…
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