The Perfect Golfer

What really makes the perfect golfer?

Actually, I personally do not believe in the idea of the perfect golfer.  Golf is a multifaceted sport with a large number of variables impacting the outcome.  How many times have you heard announcers say “so and so has the perfect swing”…well why doesn’t he/she win all the time.  Even the elite of the game all have different swings, habits, training programs, practice programs, and routines.  What I believe makes the perfect golfer is finding out how to be your own individual perfect golfer.  Easier said than done as this not only takes practice and learning from knowledgeable people, but it also takes trial and error to find your own comfort zone in all aspects of the game, driving, putting, approach shots, bunker shots, and the mental game.

The good people at Online Golf have put together a great infographic on considerations for becoming your perfect golfer in each aspect of the game, along with analysis of the best in class pro golfer for each area.  Enjoy and experiment your way to becoming your own perfect golfer.


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