Training Day – February 24, 2013

Training DayAnd we’re BACK!, welcome again to another training day post.  I had a great weekend this weekend.  I didn’t get out for a round of golf, but the weather was great on Saturday and I was able to head to a local course and hit the practice bunker and pitching area.  This always seems to be an area where the amount of practice I get is limited.  mainly for lack of facilities near me that have such practice areas.  I also focused for a good 45mins on putting.  Poor putting performance during my last round.  After a good 2.5 hour practice session, I am itching to get out a play another round.

I am really trying to get my game dialled in asap because last week I signed up as a flight A (based on handicap) amateur for a local mini golf tour here in Vancouver.  Check it our here.  I am really excited to register for my first first tourney, but really don’t want to make a fool of myself.  I am a good golfer, but since I have never played competitively I don’t want to let my nerves get the best of me.

So I am preparing my game and my body as best I can.   I was in the gym 4 times this week, and here is today’s workout:


  • Walking/Stationary Front Lunges – 10 each leg
  • Walking/Stationary Backwards Lunges – 10 each leg
  • Stationary/Walking Side lunges – 10 each leg
  • Squat Stand – 10
  • Wall Squats
  • Leg Swings Front/Back – 10 each leg
  • Legs swings Side – 10 each leg
  • Arm Circles
  • Downward Dog to Cobra – 5
  • Supine Glute Bridge – 10
  • Prone Plank – 30 sec
  • Windmill – 10 each side


  • Deadlift: 3×3 @ 335 lbs
  • Barbell Incline Bench Press: 3×5 @ 155 lbs (bar to chest)


4 rounds as fast as possible

  • 10 push ups
  • 20 hollow rocks


3 – 30sec treadmill intervals @ 12 and 2% incline.  1.5 – 2 min rest between each sprint



The Barefoot Golfer


Cleveland Golf

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