Training – March 20, 2014 – Warm Up

Warm-UpSince today is a rest day for me, I thought it would be a good time to briefly talk about a proper warm-up prior to a training session, or a round of golf or practice session for that matter.

Training – The Warm-Up

I know some people don’t consider golf a sport, but the way I am approaching it, and the way most dedicated players in the game approach it these day, is as a sport like any other, one that you must train for.  We also all know that you don’t go into a training session, practice or game for any sport without a proper warm up.

To be clear, a warm up is not stretching, stretching prior to strenuous activity has been shown to decrease performance output and increase the risk of injury.  A warm up is really what it sounds like, warm up the body, and get our muscles primed to move properly efficiently, and powerfully.  Therefore, you will notice that the below warm up is made of active motion exercises that will allow you to bring your body through a full range of motion while increasing your heart rate and temperature slightly.  This is called a dynamic warm up.  Please, never go out for a round of golf, a practice session or participate in any of the noted workouts without a proper warm up.  Here is a basic warm-up sample routine.

Beginner note: If you are an extreme beginner, the below may simply end up being your work-out until you build your fitness levels.

This is just one of many warm-up examples.


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