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Welcome Golfers, Ancestral Life-stylists, and Interested readers! I am the Barefoot Golfer, and this is my blog.

You can read a bit more about me, my background, and my journey here and here.  However, for my very first post I feel it is fitting to provide you with some information on what has driven and inspired me to start this blog, and what type of information I wish to share with you all.


About 2 years ago, I could care less about blogs, or writing for that matter.  Then one day my wife came home with a book called the “Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf and since then I was hooked on a paleo way of life.  I jumped in full tilt even before I was finished the book.  I also decided that I wanted to learn more about ancestral living, and health in general, so I started to read blogs, books, and scientific journals.  Basically, I turned into a bit of a nerd, which is now the cool thing to do by the way.

Also, about 1 year prior to going “Paleo”, I was in a job that I found very uninspiring and not stimulating, which caused it to be very boring to me in the end.  Along with a few other things going on in my life around then it did get me kinda down, so for some reason, partly due to some conversation with my wife, I started to write a bit.  Not very much really, but you could classify it as a journal of sorts.  It actually helped me out a fair bit.  But…then I got a great new job, so it became busy again and I didn’t do any more writing again up until fairly recently.

Over the past 2 years I have built a great deal on my knowledge in the ways of healthy living, and I really enjoy talking to people about this.  Unfortunately, there are a limited number of people who really want to listen to this type of thing.  Either they believe whole heartedly in how they are living that anyone who speaks differently must be insulting them, or they just have no desire to make an effort to be healthier.  Regardless, it was disheartening to be learning all of these wonderful things, and having no one to discuss it or listen to it.  Then one day, my wife mentioned something along the lines of her wanting to start a blog, either with me or on her own, and BOOM!  Something just clicked.  Fast forward a few months and here we are.  Obviously, this is my own blog and it may or may not turn into a joint venture with my wife, but for sure you will see some guest posts from the Wife of The Barefoot Golfer.


I love Golf, I like thinking about it, watching it, playing it, practising it, talking about it, and now writing about it.  I did originally want to start a blog specific to paleo; however, I thought I would be limiting myself to just one of my passions, so why not combine the 2 of them.  Since I truly believe that Ancestral living is not a fad diet, it is a permanent way of healthy living, it should then translate and relate to everything in your life…so why would golf be any different.  Therefore, my blog will contain posts about golf alone, it will combine aspects of healthy living together with golf, or it may not mention golf at all sometimes.  In the end however, healthy living and golf are both a way of life and to be the best golfer you can be you must live healthy!

Future Posts

Well, I guess it’s obvious based on the above, but my blog will contain posts about two of my passions, health and golf.  While you may think that sounds simple, there are many, many topics related to these categories and with regards to health in particular, I intend to write about everything I can think of that may relate to this, including: diet, exercise, stress, happiness, sleep, relationships, love, wine, and illness/prevention.  My plan would then be to try and tie in health’s relation to golf and golf performance.  Don’t worry though, I won’t leave all you golf fanatics high and dry, since in the end, I am still The Barefoot Golfer and I will be writing about golf.  For instance, I am currently working on a series titled, “The Ultimate Guide to Golf Fitness” as well as a post about lumbar stability and the golf swing.  See, you didn’t believe me but it is all connected in many ways.


Ultimately, my goal with this blog is to provide myself with an outlet to share my thoughts, knowledge, and any research I am so inclined to do on the above topics with like-minded and interested people.  In the end, not only will this be a great learning opportunity for me, I hope this project will help others learn, get motivated, get healthy, become better golfers, and add to the already fantastic on-line paleo community that is spreading the word about a wonderful healthy way of living.  Who knows, maybe my goal is as lofty as bringing paleo to the mainstream golf community.  One can always dream!

So I invite you all to read my thoughts on an array of topics, and hopefully we can learn a whole lot together.  Just keep in mind that as the nature of a blog implies, my entries constitute solely my opinions, so soak up all the information you feel is helpful and interesting, and forget the rest if you are so inclined.


The Barefoot Golfer


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